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Large wooden day-bed style sofas and elegant wooden furniture give the breezy interior a rustic, homey feel, with the array of traditional carvings and knick-knacks dotted around adding to the ambiance. There’s plenty of greenery too, giving a calming air to the place that’s part part of the gorgeous Ramayana Resort. Go casual on the sofas or alternatively grab a table further inside for a more intimate dining experience.

The menu boasts plenty of enticing pan-Asian dishes and barbeque style fare on offer. The focus is on authentic Indonesian style cooking, but there are plenty of Western style alternatives if that’s what you’re after. The drink list is also top-notch, with a concise selection of cocktails of the martini, muddled and mock variety, as well as the usual suspects on the beers list.

Metro TV

The signatures menu, Royal Baruna, has been reviewed and broadcasted by Metro TV, the national news program based in Jakarta.
Royal Baruna is Gabah's outstanding presentation of authentic Indonesian Cuisine set menu, served at a big wooden boat, accompanied with Balinese gamelan music.
It consists of three courses of appetizer, main menu with variety of seafood including lobster, and also dessert.
The menu are shared for 4 people.