Kuih Kaca Mata
One of Indonesia’s traditional cakes of well mixed cassava and banana served with grated coconut and vanilla ice cream
IDR 40.000

Bubur Injin
Black sticky rice with coconut milk
IDR 40.000

Irisan Buah Segar
Seasonal sliced fresh fruit platter
IDR 40.000

Jaja Lukis
Balinese sweet with glutinous rice, wrapped in banana leaf served with shredded coconut and palm sugar
IDR 35.000

Jaja Lempog
Traditional Balinese cassava cake with shredded coconut and palm sugar
IDR 35.000

Warm Chocolate
Molten chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream
IDR 58.000

Ice Cream
Choice of Vanilla, Chocolate, strawberry,
IDR 25.000

Coconut Flan
Sweet cake combined eggs custard with coconut
IDR 48.000

Lemongrass Rice Pudding
Delicious sweet rice pudding with lemongrass
IDR 48.000